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Arc Flash Analysis

Project Description

When any short circuit happens in an electrical network between two live conductors either by direct contact or indirect contact, it will leads to the huge fault in the electric network. This fault will generate an electric arc which in turn leads to a flash which is generally known as electric arc flash in the industries. The Arc flash study will be performed to identify the fault, analyze the risk and mitigate the hazards of arc flash in electrical network is known as the arc flash hazard analysis or arc flash risk assessment. Arc flash risk assessment which can also be referred as Arc flash analysis service main goal is to protect the employees from electric arc flash hazards at your premises. Arc flash study can be performed by strictly following the guidelines of OSHA, NEC, IEEE-1584, and NFPA-70E. To reduce the accidents in their facility all industries are going to perform arc flash risk assessment to implementing the proper safety methodologies before any loss or to mitigate the risk. VB Engineering will recommends the appropriate PPE to the working personnel after performing arc flash study and training will given them with different approach boundaries for safety. Always, while working with the live panels of any electrical network the workers should wear the guided appropriate Personnel Protective Equipment(PPE) recommended to escape from the injury as a safety precautions.

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Project Info

  • Standards FollowedNFPA 70E
  • Revision 2018
  • ApplicationSafety
  • ServingGlobally
  • URL Arc Flash

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