Core Advantages


We collect the installation data and create electrical model comprising of Short Circuit withstanding capability with reference to OEM ratings. The created model will be used for Electrical Short Circuit values calculations and fault current values will be computed and tabulated in the results.

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Software & Tools

VB Tantra app will be used for site data collection and digitization. ETAP. SKM or NEPLAN will be used for the short circuit study as per client requirement

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Standards & Compliance

We provide this short circuit studies in compliance with IEEE and IEC 60909 international standards as applicable.

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short circuit analysis

Other Offerings

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Arc Flash PPE

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Load Flow Studies

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Process We Follow

Data collection

We perform short circuit studies for the facility as per IEC 60909 International standards. Our short circuit analysis results will be computed and tabulated as per the as built condition of the site. The computed ETAP or SKM short circuit analysis will be compared to the OEM short circuit with standing capacity.

Our dedicated electrical team will attend the facility as per schedule. They will collect the required data panel wise i.e., switch gear ratings and relay settings etc., along with their images for reference. And simultaneously digitize the data to make accessible to the back-end team for further analysis. All this can be done by our VB Tantra mobile app from source side to load side.

Single Line Diagram preparation

The short circuit coordination study is a vital part which needs to follow the short circuit analysis. The ETAP or SKM short circuit analysis done for the industries are mostly acceptable and the fault current study will determine the short circuit study in power system. These Power System Studies like Electrical Short Circuits are also known as 3 phase short circuit studies in the common language in different regions.

short circuit coordination study

A single-line diagram (SLD) is a high-level schematic diagram showing how incoming power is distributed to equipment. So, with the data collected by our team of surveyors, our back-office team will verify the data with the images captured, once all the data is found as per ground reality, then they will start creating the diagram that shows how all components are electrically connected in a reputed electrical softwares like ETAP/SKM. Or, if one already exists, it is updated as per the client requirement, and move for further analysis.

Computer analysis and tabulating results

This short circuit analysis in power system is critical for determining the accurate protection required for the electrical network. A short circuit study example can be downloaded from our knowledgebase for research purpose and our team can help you get more ide on how to conduct accurate short circuit studies in power system.

Using reputed computer softwares like ETAP/SKM/NEPLAN, taking the system’s collected data as input, by introducing different faults like three phase fault, single phase to ground fault etc., the short-circuit currents at various points in the system are calculated. The obtained results are typically put into a table for comparison with ratings of existed equipment in the system. Problem areas are flagged, and final report will be prepared as per international standards.

More Features

etap short circuit analysis

Short circuit analysis is performed so that existing and new equipment ratings were sufficient to with stand the available short circuit current. This short circuit analysis can be done either through hand calculations or through known software like NEPLAN. Using NEPLAN we can perform short circuit studies on electrical systems in a quick time and effective manner in four steps.

  • Data Collection and SLD Preparation
  • Short circuit calculations
  • Relay Coordination Studies
  • Load flow Analysis

These short circuit studies are performed using power system software as per IEEE standards. For larger systems, these short circuit calculations to be performed for both switch gear ratings and relay settings. Knowledge of the computational methods of power system analysis is essential to engineers responsible for planning, design, operation, and troubleshooting of distribution systems. A short-circuit study is an analysis of an electrical system that determines the magnitude of the currents that flow during an electrical fault. Comparing these calculated values against the equipment ratings is the first step to ensuring that the power system is safely protected. Once the expected short-circuit currents are known, a protection coordination study is performed to determine the optimum characteristics, ratings and settings of the power system protective devices.