Core Advantages


Onsite data collection, data modeling, Energy consumption studies Energy patterns design, Energy optimisation study report, and recommendations to reduce losses.

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Software & Tools

Power analyser, Digital thermometer, Differential pressure transmitter, Energy data logger, Calibrated pressure gauge, Anemometer, Flue gas analyser, Ultrasonic water flow meter

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Standards & Compliance


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 Energy optimisation study

Other Offerings

Arc Flash Audit

When any short circuit happens in an electrical network between two live conductors either by direct ...

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Electrical Safety Audit

A comprehensive electrical audit is a special electrical reassessment program developed by the expert ...

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Lightning Arrestor Audit

With the increase in Sensitive electrical equipment's in the workspace, the need for protection against ...

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Hazop Study

Every plant has to give top most priority to health and safety not just as a process but as a principle.

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Earthing Design

Electrical earthing system design in industries plays a vital role in protecting the equipment...

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Infrared Thermography

“Infrared thermography” is a process which senses infrared energy emitted from equipment...

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Process We Follow

Energy audit services,How to do energy audit

Two types of energy audit are mentioned i.e. preliminary energy audit and detailed energy audit. Preliminary audit can be performed quickly i.e. uses existing or easily available data & estimates the scope for saving and Identification and marking of areas i.e. available immediate low cost improvements and areas which require detailed audit. Detailed energy audit is a long process with accurate and high cost effective improvements with detailed input taken (existing measured values) and have step-procedure having three phases i.e. pre audit phase, audit phase and post audit phase.

energy audit and management

Energy audit services play a major role in energy management system to be conservative. Energy audit services will prevent the pay for unused energy and reduces environmental effects, losses in the energy consumed by the equipment, process or system and results in reduced input costs without any change in productivity. Energy audit services include the entire process of auditing, analysis i.e. evaluation of energy consumption of plant or system, and will give recommendations and solutions for optimum utilization of energy

Energy Audit and Management,Energy audit report

Energy Audit and Management is a strategic plan of optimum utilization of the energy supplied by the utility with less input or constant input (results in increasing the output) for the same output without any change. Energy audit and management can be done by identifying & reducing the waste factor parameters i.e. losses, disturbances etc. used by the equipment or system which doesn’t contribute for producing the output. Energy Audit is the method used to assess, calculate, analyze, implement & maintain the energy management. Energy audit and management combined is a well-organized body for optimum utilization of energy.

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 arc flash hazard

After performing the energy audit, results are collected to single report i.e. energy audit report. The report shall be prepared accordingly to the standards i.e. ISO 50002. Energy audit report shall include necessity & importance of energy audit and its types, plant details (collected) and the process involved in production which include the equipment, location where energy loss i.e. energy consumed is not utilized completely for output & measures to be taken against them. Energy audit report should be useful in finding recommendations and solutions to implement conservative energy management.

Detailed energy audit,Energy consulting

Detailed energy audit provides accurate result i.e. achieve optimized energy utilization which would be cost effective. It is performed in three phases - pre audit phase, audit phase & post audit phase. Pre audit phase includes planning organizing and briefing with departmental heads i.e. plant manager, production manager and also conducting awareness program. While in audit phase data collection, line diagrams, equipment survey, trails and experiments, analysis and identification of areas which has scope of saving energy consumption and reporting to the top management. Finally post audit phase will include the follow up procedure, schedules, and implementation of conservative energy management.

Energy consulting refers to decision making panel which involves planning, organizing of energy management system to be conservative i.e. energy used by a system or equipment including the source under the considerations of environmental affect. Energy consulting also focuses on reducing the running costs of the plant but not as primary goal, as they contribute for optimum utilization of energy. Energy consulting will provide the solutions or recommendations for implementing energy management system to produce the same output by reducing it's per unit cost i.e. operational costs & losses etc.

Energy audit of industrial,commercial and residencial

Energy audits to be performed shall be in compliance with the available standards i.e. ISO 50002 titled as Energy audits--Requirements with guidance for use. Joint standard for Australia and New Zealand AS/NZS 3598 series has three parts to conduct energy audits i.e. 3598.1 titled as Energy audits--Commercial buildings, and 3598.2 titled as Energy audits--Industrial and related activities and 3598.3 titled as Energy audits--Transport related activities. European standard BS EN 16247 i.e. EN 16247-1 titled as Energy audits--Part 1: General requirements, EN 16247-2 titled as Energy audits--Part 2: Buildings, EN 16247-3 titled as Energy audits - Part 3: Processes, EN 16247-4 titled as Energy audits--Part 4: Transport, EN 16247-5 titled as Energy audits--Part 5: Competence of energy auditors.

According to the Energy Audit Standards of the Conservation Act, 2001, Energy review is characterized as "the confirmation, observing and investigation of the utilization of vitality,including accommodation of specialized Energy Audit Report containing proposals for enhancing energy effectiveness with money-saving advantage examination and an activity intend to diminish energy utilization".

VB Engineering is an Energy Consulting Company and it provides you a solution for energy utilization in your structures and offices. The key advantages are:

  • Continuous change underway productivity
  • Identifying cost saving opportunities in energy productivity

Scope of work:

  • Study authentic energy utilization and installed equipment/technology
  • Carry out energy utilize estimations as proper
  • Identify energy effectiveness change openings