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Manufacturing Simulation

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    Planning, designing and modelling of a system by simulation before the real time implementation is the present day trend. Mostly for Manufacturing systems, this design and modelling will give more advantage in terms of money, production, effective usage of resources etc. Lean manufacturing simulation facilitates you with the optimal solution in this area. Lean manufacturing is a systematic way to eliminate waste with in a manufacturing process. This lean manufacturing can be achieved by using design manufacturing process services. We at VB Engineering provide design and planning services for industries, warehouses, supply chain management systems etc. Design for lean manufacturing is method for applying lean concepts to the design phase of a manufacturing process, supply chain, logistics systems. We at VB engineering use latest technology to apply lean concepts to a system and remove waste like underperforming assets, non profitable machines etc from the system before going to the real time implementation part of it. We use FLEXSIM software to design and model the system and apply lean and six sigma lean concepts to it and get optimal solution. We at VB Engineering provide six sigma consultancy services, lean manufacturing services etc.


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