Core Advantages

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Data collection from site by our expertise team with fire equipment and designing of floor plans with details in software to get a complete detailed floor plan drawing.

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Software and tools

We adopt digital instrument devices for measurements and AUTOCAD and AUTOCAD LT's latest versions for design more detailing with geometrical dimensions and Standards.

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Standards and compliance

We offer these Fire escape floor plan drawings in compliance with ISO (International Organization for Standardization)standards.

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Other Offerings

2D Manufacturing Drawings

2D drawing is a drawing that represents in only in X and Y-axis. More simply, a 2D drawing is flat and has a width but no depth or thickness.

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3D Isometric Manufacturing Drawings

3D or Isometric drawings means showing an object in 3axis (X, Y &Z) result ..

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P&ID Drafting & Designing

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Reverse engineering is the process of discovering the technological principles of a device, object or system through analysis of its structure ...

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Lean Simulation

A simulation methodology followed by the world class manufacturing units. Lean manufacturing has been a best practice across the globe ...

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3D Plant Simulation

Either Green field or brown field project, the best practice of the industry is to simulate the system well before investing in it. Visualising a plant or ....

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Process We Follow

Initially collect the information regarding the area for designing floor plans. Collecting the available information like floor area, length of walls, free floor area available, occupied area, fire equipment placing details with pathways with the advanced digital instruments for accurate dimensions. The amount of area available for evacuation has given with path coming from the floor area at any point of area from the given floor.

emergency escape floor plan

With the total available data using the designing software the layout of total area is designed with all the specifications and features of the layout.Then designing the fire equipments like hose, hydrants, first aid box, mcc's etc.., in the layout. The total designed model needs to crosscheck the actual information which we have collected from site. After that the total area with equipments need to place as per the site conditions. And then the open area available need to design for the evacuation of people during the fire accident.

Then for the completed total floor design with fire equipment designed as per site availability. Drawings contain the important dimensions,and specific instructions required to physically make layout and evacuation from each floor with arrow marks. It presents the important information about the evacuation on one sheet of paper, so that the clients can reference it when actually applying for practical application during fire. Drawings of industries and commercial buildings often provide information about how to get data of gathering for all the workers and people working on area when any accident occurs.

More Features

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