Core Advantages


We deliver accurate elevation floor plans and sections, area calculations, and quantity take-offs according to client requirements.

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Software & Tools

We adopt range finders and digital instruments for measurement and Autocad and Solidworks softwares for modelling a 3D design.

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Standards & Compliance

We offer this 3D drawing service in compliance as per ISO (International Organization for Standardization).

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2d drawing with dimensions

Other Offerings

3D Isometric Manufacturing Drawings

3D or Isometric drawings means showing an object in 3axis (X, Y &Z) result in the replication ..

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P&ID Drafting & Designing

Piping and instrumentation drawing or P&ID Drawing is used to describe the total engineering process like from the source (Machine/Equipment) to ...

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Fire Escape Floor Plans

Fire Escape Floor plan is one of the foremost providers of CAD services forget the people provide security and safety during working.

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Reverse engineering is the process of discovering the technological principles of a device, object or system through analysis of its structure ...

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Lean Simulation

A simulation methodology followed by the world class manufacturing units. Lean manufacturing has been a best practice across the globe ...

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3D Plant Simulation

Either Green field or brown field project, the best practice of the industry is to simulate the system well before investing in it. Visualising a plant or ....

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Process We Follow

For initializing 2D drawings we need some inputs like area of the total layout, internal inputs, lengths, widths can be taken by our expertise engineers with some manual and digital instruments.Before going to start the model designing on CAD software the major things, we have to consider is whether the drawings require tolerances and dimensions. On what angle projection the drawing should be first angle projection or third angle projection as per the industrial standards.Detailing of layouts and drawings need to provide on the design for better understanding of designed 2D design. The design done by a CAD software is called CAD Drawing.

2d mechanical drawings

Setting the Limits:

Setting the limits is something like defining the workspace where we are going to work in the drawing. The limits are normally set for a working area normally to the standard paper sizes like A4, A3, A2, etc. By setting the working limits we need to work within that to ensure a standard working procedure

Setting the Units:

This is an important procedure to be followed, which informs the software on the unit system we are planning to work on. Based on the unit we have selected during the creation of the drawing.

Designing of model:

As we consider the initial two steps, we will start designing of the model by using commands like line, arc, circle, and other modify commands in autocad. The final output of the model is called CAD models.

After completion of all the design procedure we will analyze the final output model with all the standards and dimensions. By cross checking the total design as per the requirement made corrections if any and submitted to the respective engineers. Results in the completion of total 2D designing in a CAD software as per site conditions.

These views carry the majority of the dimensions and tolerances. They are 2D representations of a 3D object, obtained from various points of view, typically the front, plan, and end.

More Features

how to draw 2d drawing

VB Engineering provides CAD drawing services that all related to the designs, assembly and basic analysis, present competitive world every engineering student should have basic knowledge on computer aided drafting and CAD engineering drawing, we provide these CAD services globally.

If you think of mechanical CAD software, the first thing that comes in your mind is CAD drawings i.e., CAD Services. CAD Services is developed and distributed by CAD Services INC. This CAD software is mainly used for creating 2D CAD drawings preparation and also used for creating engineering CAD drawings although it can be used for 3D modelling in piping system i.e. piping CAD drawings. In my opinion, it is the best software available compared to others for designing mechanical CAD drawings. For improving the quality of design when creating building plans, plant layouts we use architectural CAD drawings. In CAD software by practicing on various CAD piping drawings and machinery models by using CAD drawing tools is used to know what is CAD drawing and also know the difference of using CAD Services in manufacturing machinery units and piping system.

Our technical expertise, give quality standards and experienced professionals are handling a host for diverse designing of 2D design.