Powering Progress Insights from Advanced Power System Studies

Detailed Engineering & Simulation Studies for Electrical Networks

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Load flow studies

Conducting load flow studies is an important requirement for the operations. The load flow analysis is an important part of the power system study for any facility to run without problems...

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Voltage drop studies

Excessive voltage drop can lead to low voltage supply to equipment, resulting in improper, erratic, or no operation, as well as potential damage to the equipment. It also causes poor efficiency and wastage of energy.

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Short circuit analysis

Short circuit study is the process of analyzing an electrical system to determine the magnitude of fault currents that flows during the fault and comparing the obtained values with the ratings....

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DC short circuit studies

When it comes to electrical systems, safety should always be a top priority. This is especially true when it comes to direct current (DC) circuits, where the risk of short circuits and potential hazardous situations can arise.

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Energy Saving Studies

With a wealth of experience and a strong commitment to sustainability, we have conducted numerous case studies that showcase the immense energy-saving potential of induction systems. In this article, we explore the key findings from our studies ...

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Protection coordination studies

Protective device coordination is the very important part of design for a electrical network as a part of Power system studies. Protective device coordination is also known as relay coordination....

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Transformer inrush energisation studies

Are you in need of expertise in transformer inrush energisation studies? Look no further! VB® Engineering is here to help. With our extensive knowledge and experience in this field, we are your go-to experts for ....

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Cable overloading studies

Cable overloading can occur when the current flowing through a cable exceeds its rated capacity. This can lead to overheating, insulation breakdown, and even fires. It is crucial to identify and address any potential overloading issues to prevent costly damage and minimize the risk of accidents.

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Power Flow Optimisation studies

Power Flow Optimization studies involve analyzing and optimizing the flow of electrical power within a system. By assessing the voltage, current, and power factors at various points in the system ....

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Harmonic analysis

Harmonic analysis is the process of identifying the harmonic distortions that occur in the electrical distribution system. VB provides turnkey solutions for Harmonic Analysis Services. Our power system harmonic analysis services are proven and economical suiting the client needs ....

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Transient Stability and Load Shedding studies

Transient stability refers to the ability of a power system to maintain synchronism after a major disturbance, such as a fault or the loss of a generator.

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Arc flash incident energy calculations (NFAP 70E & IEEE1584)

If you're involved in electrical work, ensuring safety is of utmost importance...

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DC Arc Flash energy incident energy calculations

DC Arc Flash energy refers to the release of electrical energy during an arc flash incident in a direct current (DC) system. These incidents can occur due to factors such as equipment failure, improper maintenance, or human error.

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Electrical network design studies

Power Management Studies

In this era of sustainability and resource efficiency, optimizing power consumption and enhancing energy efficiency have become crucial for businesses across all industries. Our comprehensive Power Management Studies can help you streamline your energy usage ....

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Reliability studies & contingency analysis

Reliability studies are crucial in assessing the performance and dependability of your systems, whether it's in the field of power systems, telecommunications, or manufacturing. Our team of experienced engineers will analyze your systems, identify potential failure points ...

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Electrical network design studies

Insulation coordination studies

Our objective is to provide you with an insulation coordination study that confirms the suitability of your selected equipment and ensures it meets the required performance criteria for overvoltages ....

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Electrical network design studies

Motor starting studies

By conducting these studies, we can enhance system reliability, prevent blackouts, optimize system design, protect equipment, facilitate renewable energy integration, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. This study focuses on the critical moments ....

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Grid islanding studies

Grid islanding studies play a critical role in ensuring the reliability and stability of electrical grids. These studies involve analyzing the behaviour of a grid when it becomes disconnected from the main power source and operates as an independent island.

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Power Simulation Software Expertise

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  • Easy Power

Insightful Power System Studies for Sustainable Solutions

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Short Circuit Studies

A short circuit study is a fundamental power system analysis that involves creating a comprehensive model of the electrical power system. This study focuses on analysing the flow of currents during fault conditions. The model encompasses all sources of electrical power, including utility connections and generators, as well as components that affect fault current, such as transformers and cables. By developing a complete model, it becomes possible to calculate various types of fault currents at different locations within the system.

Protection Coordination Study

coordination study integrates the findings of a short-circuit analysis with the characteristics of protective devices like relays and fuses. It showcases how these devices react to fault currents and assesses their capability to differentiate between faults that require immediate interruption and those that can A be managed by smaller downstream devices.

The key objectives of power system protection include:

1. Operating with minimum fault current: Ensuring that protective devices can effectively operate even under low fault current conditions.
2. Interrupting maximum fault current: Having the capability to safely interrupt the highest possible fault currents to protect the system and equipment.
3. Preventing spurious outages: Implementing proper protection grading to avoid unnecessary power outages caused by inadequate coordination.
4. Coordinating with upstream and downstream devices: Ensuring seamless coordination and communication between protective devices located both upstream and downstream in the power system.

Electrical network design studies

Arc Flash Risk Assessment, NFPA 70E

Transient Stability Study

Transient stability analysis allows engineers to precisely simulate power system dynamics and transients resulting from system disturbances and other events. ETAP Transient Stability utilizes comprehensive and validated equipment and protection characteristics, control models, and user-friendly graphical user-defined modelling. With the help of advanced algorithms, it performs analysis for a wide range of power systems, from industrial to transmission.

Power Flow Studies

This analysis proves valuable for renewable energy plants, manufacturing facilities, and oil & gas production, manufacturing units by addressing power system load flow, optimizing system operating conditions, and adjusting control variable settings while ensuring compliance with system constraints.
By achieving system optimization, it is possible to reduce installation and operating costs, enhance overall system performance, and improve reliability and security.

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Harmonics Study

As electronic power components become increasingly integrated into both existing and new power system networks, the occurrence of issues, failures, and spurious trips related to harmonics is on the rise. Harmonic Analysis plays a crucial role in this context by simulating harmonic current and voltage sources, identifying harmonic-related problems, mitigating nuisance trips, designing and testing filters, and reporting violations of harmonic voltage and current distortion limits.

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When it comes to power system studies, VB® Engineering stands out as a leading company with expertise in this field. Our team of Chartered Electrical Engineers utilizes advanced digital modelling software such as ETAP and Dig SILENT to create virtual replicas, known as digital twins, of both low voltage (LV) and high voltage (HV) electrical power networks. With these digital twins, we are able to simulate the behaviour and performance of the power systems, making it possible to analyse their current state and evaluate various scenarios in a safe and controlled virtual environment. By leveraging the power of digital twins, our engineers can effectively plan and make informed decisions. This includes identifying potential issues and assessing the performance of the power systems without having any impact on the actual physical infrastructure. The digital twin also allows us to predict future behaviour and performance, leading to improved reliability and efficiency of the power system.

VB® Engineering is a trusted one-stop shop for all your power system study needs. We specialize in comprehensive Power System Study solutions, offering services from design to commissioning. Leveraging our exceptional skills, extensive knowledge, and in-house resources, we utilize ETAP software to deliver outstanding results. Additionally, we utilize Dig SILENT Power Factory for our transmission and distribution clients. Our team consists of experienced Chartered Engineers and Electrical Power Consultants with a proven background in various industries. To ensure that our work meets the highest quality standards, we adhere to a rigorous Quality Assurance Policy certified to ISO9001.

At VB® Engineering, we offer a wide range of power system studies and services to meet the diverse needs of our clients.
Some of our key services include:

Load flow studies : Assessing the flow of power and studying the behaviour under fault conditions.
Voltage drop studies: Analyzing and Mitigating Power Loss for Optimal Electrical System Performance.
Short circuit analysis: Short circuit study is the process of analyzing an electrical system to determine the magnitude of fault currents that flows during the fault and comparing the obtained values with the ratings of installed equipment and short circuit protection devices.
DC short circuit studies: Assessing and Managing Fault Currents for Safe and Reliable Electrical Systems.
Energy Saving Studies: Identifying opportunities for energy optimization and efficiency improvement.
Protection coordination studies: Ensuring optimal performance and reliability of protection systems.
Transformer inrush energisation studies: Analyzing and Managing Transient Phenomena for Optimal Transformer Performance. Copy
Cable overloading studies: Assessing and Preventing Excessive Currents for Safe and Efficient Cable Operations.
Power Flow Optimisation studies: Analyzing and Enhancing Electrical Network Performance for Efficient Power Distribution.
Harmonic analysis: Evaluating and mitigating harmonic issues in power networks.
Transient Stability and Load Shedding studies: system dynamics and transients to assess stability.
Arc flash incident energy calculations (NFAP 70E & IEEE1584): Assessing and Mitigating Hazards for Electrical Safety and Personnel Protection.
DC Arc Flash energy incident energy calculations: Assessing and Mitigating Hazards for Electrical Safety in Direct Current Systems.
Power Management Studies: Analyzing and Optimizing Energy Usage for Efficient and Sustainable Operations.
Reliability studies & contingency analysis: Assessing System Performance and Identifying Backup Plans for Reliable Operations.
Insulation coordination studies: Ensuring Effective Insulation Performance for Electrical System Reliability and Safety.
Motor starting studies: Analyzing and Optimizing Motor Performance during Startup for Efficient and Reliable Operations.
Grid islanding studies: Ensuring compliance with grid regulations and requirements.

These services, among others, have been successfully deployed in a wide range of projects, including offshore oil and gas facilities, petrochemical plants, wind farms, biomass plants, power plants, manufacturing facilities, and more. Our expertise extends to transmission and distribution networks, as well as renewables projects such as wind, biomass, and solar.

When you choose VB® Engineering, you can have confidence in our ability to provide customized analysis solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Our network modelling software, combined with our extensive experience, allows us to deliver exceptional results. Whether you need to increase the reliability of your system, optimize its performance, or assess the protection coordination, our team of experts is here to assist you. Contact us today to find out how VB® Engineering can help you make the most of your power system. Together, we can enhance the efficiency and reliability of your electrical power networks. Contact us for a quotation to undertake power system analysis for your onshore or offshore power system network.