Electrical Support


Arc flash Analysis

Arc Flash Analysis is the detailed study of the electrical network to find the hazard and analyze and mignate the electrical hazard of arc flash, also known as arc flash hazard analysis or arc flash risk assessment.Read More


Harmonic Analysis

All the major portions of the electrical distribution systems from source of power to all load areas can be covered by Harmonic Analysis studies. The worst case of operation will give the high amount of harmonic distortions exceeding the standards. Read More


Earthing Design

Electrical earthing system design in industries plays a vital role in protecting the equipment and workmen from damage. We need to determine the number of layers by conducting a proper soil resistivity test for proper design of earthing. Read More

Power Systems Consultants

VB Trainings Academy

VB Trainings Academy, Amalapuram, is committed to the skill development for the unemployed and enthusiastic persons. We give extensive training to unemployed persons with respect to their profile and make them skilled persons in order to cope. Read More


Relay Coordination

Relay coordination studies is used to achieve proper fault identification and fault clearance sequence. The action of the relays and protective devices plays an important role in running the industries in healthy condition and safe condition. Read More


Short Circuit Analysis

Short circuit analysis is performed so that existing and new equipment ratings were sufficient to with stand the available short circuit current. Short circuit analysis can be done either through hand calculations or through NEPLAN softwares. Read More