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Arc Flash Australia


Arc Flash may be a new topic here is Australia, but it has been well known overseas for almost 20 years. The Europeans and Americans both have standards specifically addressing the issue of Arc Flash. Arc flash risk assessment is a kind of electrical hazard present in the electrical system which needs to be assessed and reduced the risk.

The Arc Flash Analysis or Arc flash risk assessment program in Australia is completely integrated module that solves multiple scenarios to condition worst-case arc flash energy levels in electrical equipments. Arc flash or electrical hazard analysis is conducted at your facility by our expert team as per the OSHA, NFPA 70E 2015, IEEE 1584 and NEC 2014 standards. We offer turnkey solutions for arc flash risk assessment including data collection, Design & Study and implementation. VB Engineering also provide the ASTM approved PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) as per the detection in Arc Flash risk assessment in Australia. Please visit our support document, to know more about arc flash and frc flash risk assessment. Know More

  • Data Collection and SLD Preparation
  • Short Circuit Studies
  • Relay Coordination Studies
  • Arc Flash Risk Assessment