Short Circuit Studies for Oil and Gas Rigs


Electrical Short circuit is a highly dangerous phenomenon in any utility. When it comes to oil rigs the risk is much more higher. We at VB engineering provides an expertise consultancy in performing short circuit study or short circuit analysis for oil rigs as per ANSI/IEEE and IEC standards.

Our short circuit analysis expertise team will help you in meeting the class requirement as per international standards and ensures the safety of both equipment and human working on the rig. Our team of engineers can help you from the stage of data collection, system design, rig modelling, configurations creation to exert analysis of short circuit studies. Our report includes available fault current of line to ground fault, line to line to line ground fault at each and every bus, system contributions, equipment rated capacity. Know More

  • Data Collection and SLD Preparation
  • Short Circuit Studies
  • Relay Coordination Studies
  • Arc Flash Risk Assessment

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We will also provide an expertise consultancy in reviewing and evaluation of the installed equipment with respect to the fault current values in the rig. please contact our team today for performing short circuit study or short circuit analysis for your oil rigs. Know More

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