The engineering design process is a systematic approach that engineers follow to find solutions to problems. It involves a series of steps that guide the design and development of products or systems. Unlike the scientific method, which is focused on making observations and conducting experiments, the engineering design process is centered around creating and testing prototypes.
Identify the problem or need that requires a solution. Understand who is affected by the problem and why it is important to find a solution.

sld presentation
sld presentation

Learn from existing solutions and experiences of others to gather knowledge that can help in developing your own solution. This includes studying similar products or systems and understanding their key features. By following various methodologies, engineers can develop solutions, often in the form of products that meet specific criteria or perform designated tasks. If you are involved in a project that requires designing, building, and testing, it is recommended to follow the Design Process.

Determine the important characteristics that your solution must possess to be successful. Analyze existing products or systems to identify key features that your solution should meet.
Brainstorm Solutions: Generate as many possible solutions as you can for the problem at hand. Avoid fixating on a single solution too early in the process.

Evaluate each solution based on how well it meets the design requirements. Select the solution that best addresses the problem and fulfills the specified criteria.
Develop the Solution: Refine and improve the chosen solution through further development. This may involve making modifications or changes to the design.

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Build a Prototype: Create a working version of the solution using different materials if necessary. A prototype allows for testing and evaluation of the solution.
Test and Redesign: Evaluate the prototype, identify any problems or areas for improvement, and make necessary changes to the design. This step may involve multiple iterations to achieve the desired results.
Communicate Results: Share the final results of your project through a report, presentation, or display board. Document the solution thoroughly so that it can be manufactured and supported.
The engineering design process is not always a linear progression from one step to the next. Engineers often iterate through these steps, going back and forth as they refine and improve their designs. At VB Engineering, we have expertise in the process design aspect of the engineering design process. Our team follows this systematic approach to develop efficient and effective solutions for various industries and applications. Contact us to learn more about how our process design expertise can benefit your project.